LED Solar Simulation

Angstrom Designs is proud to work with NASA and the entire space power community to develop the next-generation of solar simulation technology. Angstrom Designs' programmable LED solar simulator (pLEDss) technology outperforms lamp based solar simulators for AM0 testing by providing spectral tunability that allows junction current matching on 3, 4, 5 and 6 junction solar cells, strings, and panels.

We encourage any potential customers and collaborators to get in touch with us, so we can review requirements and technology demonstrations. Please Contact Us for more information.

High Altitude Balloon Solar Cell Calibration

Angstrom Designs is proud to announce high altitude balloon flights for AM0 solar cell calibration. We have developed a cost-effective, quick-turn, high altitude balloon platform for creating solar simulator calibration primaries. Angstrom Designs is licensed to use and manufacture the Aerospace Measurement Unit (AMU) which has an abundance of flight heritage making solar cell measurements on small balloons, large balloons, and in LEO. If desired, Angstrom is capable of providing all of the cell hardware necessary to conduct the flight (AMUs, cell holders, temperature sensors, and baffles). At the conclusion of the flight you will be provided a data package that contains both raw and corrected measurement data and telemetry for the duration of the flight.

Angstrom Designs balloon flights are highly cost effective and there are a few open spaces left on 2023 launches; contact us if you would like more information or a quote to fly your cells.

22nd AM0 Workshop

The 22nd International Workshop on Space Solar Cell Calibration and Measurement Techniques ("AM0 Workshop") will be hosted by JAXA in Miyazaki Japan on January 16-19, 2023. The call for participants and presentations is available on our home page as a courtesy to the aerospace community.

This workshop provides an opportunity to discuss about state-of-the-art space solar cell/panel related technologies and technical issues on calibration, characterization and testing. In addition, based on the discussion, we aim to publish international standards (ISO) related to space PV technologies.

This workshop (generally called “AM0 Workshop”) is held every year (except these two years), hosted by USA, Europe, and Japan in turns. Discussions always proceed under frank and friendly atmosphere.

Please navigate to our home page to download the announcement slides.

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