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Simple Graph Application using LArVa

The Simple Graph application is a Labview program that uses the Labview Arduino Driver (LArVa) to gather between 1 and 6 channels from your Arduino microcontroller and display them on a graph.  The program allows you to save the raw data and access the full capabilities of the LArVa driver, such as variable acquisition rates and on-board firmware averaging.

The Simple Graph application includes an executable for use acquiring data 'as is' as well as Labview VIs that can serve as a jumping off point for more complex data acquisition using LArVa.

Simple Graph shows the capability of LArVa, serves as useful example code for Labview programmers and gives basic functionality to those who want to do super inexpensive Arduino based data acquisition.

simple graph application featuring LArVa, turn a powerful, open-source microcontroller into a data acquisition system

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For download instructions, see FAQ: How do I download LArVa for Free?  For full download and installation instructions, see UG01: Installing LArVa for Windows.  If you have problems, please see FAQ:  LArVa download problems.


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